The hero,
That's what they say in the Iliad
Although I don't think it's that big of a deal.
I was just doing my duty

I am Achilles,
Fine, thanks!


The years go by
My lower back hurts
to carry that heavy shield
I came home all bruised
With clothes in tatters
And with blood even in the ears

And if I tell you the truth,
I was already disgusted
Seeing decapitated bodies
And amputated limbs
Every day, every month, every year

I can not anymore!
So I left it

Yes, as you read it
War passage
Bye, bye Troy

It's been more than 10 years since that,
And not so bad,
The truth

Now my hands create
And they do not destroy
It's much prettier this way

Maybe I don't have the recognition
Of the gods of Olympus
But sincerely,
I don't care about that

With the support of those
Who buy any of my pieces
Which are not few,
It is more than enough

At least for me

Now I lead a calmer life,
Away from the celebrations
and the honors
But I go to sleep with a smile
And so,
It's not little thing

Those beautiful pieces,
That removed the most precious
hero of Troy?

It's here