Frío, frío, sin personalidad

Ash centerpiece

The coldest place is Antarctica

In winter temperatures can drop to -73º C!

The antartida

With his penguins
Their elephant seals sliding through the snow
seals playing with a ball
seagulls looking for food

Very pretty yes,
Spectacular wow

But I have been in houses,
in homes!!
Which could be Antarctica itself
And I'm not saying this because of the temperature,
It was hot

Not even for animals in freedom,
That also

I say it because
The emotional sensation was -100 degrees
like an ice floe

0 Feeling
0 Personality
0 Character

Well that

Ash centerpiece 27cm

Give it a little heat,
of personality
And character to your home

The place you live is more important than you think

Living in Antarctica at -73 degrees
or on the Mediterranean coast at 28 degrees and sunny?

If you are one of the seconds,

It's here


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